Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment:  Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment (CAJE) is to provide permanent funding for the jazz education and community outreach activities of the Garfield Jazz Foundation. The endowment honors Clarence Acox, who has devoted his career to building the Garfield High School jazz education and performance program, by creating an independently managed fund, the income and investment returns from which will:
  1. Perpetuate and enhance quality instruction in jazz music performance at Garfield High School. The GJF is already devoting resources to provide instructors for Jazz Ensemble III. It must be able to provide instruction support if ever needed to perpetuate the Garfield High School jazz education and performance program;
  2. Support Garfield students, based on demonstrated financial need, in their participation in the jazz education and performance program, by providing private music instruction, instruments and sheet music and by granting scholarships for travel and other related student expenses;
  3. Fund outreach programs to elementary and middle schools that feed into Garfield High School, to increase the number and diversity of qualified students who can take advantage of the Garfield High School jazz education and performance program, including funding or providing music instruction, providing sheet music, recordings and instruments, and funding transportation and other expenses to allow Garfield band members to visit those schools;
  4. Create and build a jazz music library and an inventory of instruments, for use by Garfield students and other affiliated jazz groups; and
  5. If Endowment income and investment returns permit, assist with defraying routine expenses of the GJF. The endowment is not established to fund the GJF's fundamental activity of supporting participation by Garfield High School jazz ensembles in festivals and competitions, support of which has been and will continue to be the primary responsibility of the GJF’s parent/guardian members.
To apply for a 2013-14 CAJE scholarship, download the application and return it before January 4, 2014.  You can email it to or mail it to:

Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment
c/o Clif Swiggett
711 37th Ave
Seattle, WA  98122