2013 - 2014 Band Fees

Only pay the fees that apply to the highest band your student plays in.

You can pay online here or by mailing a check.  Dues paid online include an online transaction fee of 2.2% + $0.30 (this is what Paypal charges us to handle the transaction).  If you pay by check, please do not include the transaction fee, make checks payable to "Garfield Jazz Foundation", and send to Neal Thompson, Treasurer, at 5242 35th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA  98105. Please email treasurer@garfieldjazz.org with any questions or call Neal at 206-522-5144 (home) or 206-890-3585 (cell).

Band I

Note: Garfield Jazz Foundation is subsidizing 50% of the cost of the trip for the students.

Note:  The last Europe trip installment will be due 5/15/2014.  Parent fee is only for chaperones or parents who are "shadowing".
Band II

Note: If you chose to make two payments, the second payment is due 1/15/2014.
Band III