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2015 Garfield Jazz 
Hooded Sweatshirts

2015 Garfield Jazz TShirt

2015 Garfield Jazz hooded black sweatshirt


2015 Garfield Jazz Black Tshirt

  2015 Black Sweatpants

 "Remembering" CD (2008-2013)
This collection of 10 studio recordings performed by Garfield Jazz Ensemble I from 2008 - 2013 features more than 110 different Garfield Jazz musicians. Remembering is a tribute to the Garfield "legacy of swing" and to Clarence Acox. Everyone should have a copy for their collection!


Italian Love Affair CD (2009)
Jazz Ensemble 1: recordings from the 2009 European Summer Tour

From Manhattan to Montreux CD (1999)
Jazz Ensemble I: recorded in 1999, this CD contains live recordings from A Band’s summer trip to Montreux as well as live performances from the Essentially Ellington 

Garfield Jazz Poster
24"x18" colorful poster highlighting the 2009 season

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