The Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment (CAJE)

The Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment (CAJE) was founded in 2004 to honor the enduring legacy of Clarence Acox, who founded the Garfield Jazz program and led it for 40 years. The CAJE is a professionally-managed and independent fund that supports Garfield Jazz students’ education and Garfield Jazz community outreach activities.

The income and investment returns from the fund are used for:

  • Assisting Garfield students in participating in Garfield Jazz through private music instruction, sheet music, and other related student expenses. Assistance is based on demonstrated financial need.

  • Enhancing the quality instruction in jazz music performance at Garfield High School. This includes supplementing instructor funding for Jazz Band 3, which in turn promotes the high level of students moving into Jazz Bands 2 and 1.

  • Funding outreach programs to elementary and middle schools that feed into Garfield High School to increase the number and diversity of qualified students for the Garfield Jazz program. Such programs may include music instruction, sheet music, recordings, transportation, and other expenses to allow Garfield Jazz students to visit those schools.


To apply for a CAJE scholarship for private music instruction, download the CAJE Scholarship Application Form 2022-23 and return it by January 31, 2023 via email to or mail to:

CAJE Scholarships
c/o Garfield Jazz Foundation
1143 Martin Luther King Jr Way #44
Seattle, WA  98122

To apply for a 2019-20 CAJE scholarship for private music instruction, download the application and return it by December 18, 2019 via email to

Clarence Acox Jazz Endowment
3371 59th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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