The students listed below have been selected to participate in Jazz Band II. They should report for rehearsal Monday  September 24 at 3:45pm to room #219. The band will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays for one hour.

Saxophone Section I:
Benjamin Mefford, Alto I
Ainsley Mayo, Alto II
*Joseph Maurice, Alto II
Imants Smidchens, Tenor I
Devon Ling-Efird, Tenor II
Sofia Pralle, Baritone

Saxophone Section II:
Evan White, Alto I
Oscar Westneat, Alto  II
*Ian Holzman, Alto II
Jyotika Chung, Tenor I
Anthony McCahill, Tenor II
Nathaniel Beaumon, Tenor II
Xavier Morada, Baritone

*=Would one of these alto players consider playing baritone sax? Let me know at

Tyler Prosch, I (Split Lead)
Nathan Lee, I (Split Lead)
Leo McHegg, II
Liam Hyde, III
Christopher Storm, IV
Colin Heath, V
Thomas Joseph, V

Nathaniel Carey Smith, I
Jorre Dahl, II
Cyrus Davies, III

Myles Vinh Farr, Piano
Philip Ratner, Piano
Sean MacCarthy-Grant, Vibes
Colm Scott, Bass
Matthew Lord, Bass
Sevastian Dingler, Drums
Levi Stein, Guitar
Tate Linden, Guitar