The 2019-2020 Garfield Jazz ensemble placements are listed below. The listings are by section with last names in alphabetical order. Individual part assignments will be determined when school begins. The students below should report to Room 219 during Period 6 on the first day of school, they do not need their instruments on the first day.


Garfield Jazz Band 1

Gelpi, Sam (alto)
Mayo, Ainsley (alto)
Mohler, Jackson (alto)
White, Evan (alto)
Barnett, Sam (tenor)
Smidchens, Imants (tenor)
Walsh, Liam (tenor)
Fry, Jackson (bari)
Pralle, Sofia (bari)

Cauble, Oliver
Hieb, Jonah
Prosch, Tyler
Singer, Corinna
Smidchens, Alnis
Torgelson, Claire
Yang, Joel

Atwater, Jack
Atwater, Kate (bass)
Fleet, Aidan
Olsen, Adam

Ratner, Philip
Vinh Farr, Myles

Lord, Matthew
Scott, Colm

Mark, Noah