Garfield Jazz Students & Families,

I want to recognize the dedication and hard work that all of returning and incoming jazz students demonstrated through their audition submissions. I listened to incredible student transcriptions. I am glad that music practice has provided an outlet for students to set goals and maintain musical focus in unprecedented times.

The placement process for our three jazz ensembles was based on objective scoring using the rubric made available to you with the audition materials. I recognized a high level of dedication and time spent preparing for the audition, which made the process of placements a positive challenge. I ask that you keep in mind the ensemble section size limits for ensembles. All three ensembles are comprised of students demonstrating the highest level of work ethic and commitment that I have experienced thus far in my career – you should all be very proud of what you have accomplished. I am anticipating a lot of great music to be made.

All ensemble placements are listed in alphabetical order by section. If you do not see your  name on the list, email me immediately. Part assignments and section leads will be determined when your director can hear you in person this Fall. If you want to play lead, be prepared to play something for us that demonstrates your musical leadership. This means you need to keep your chops up this summer – practice at least three days a week for over thirty minutes to maintain endurance and technique.

Take great care and have a restful summer.  I will stay in touch as I learn more about what our re-entry to school will look like, and how that will impact our jazz band classroom. I will be prepared to address all scenarios that may be presented and I’m excited to see everyone again. For now, stay safe and be well.



Garfield Jazz Ensemble 1

Jared Sessink, Director

Alto Saxophone

Cobden, Graham

Irvine, Flynn

Mohler, Jackson

Vos, Clio

White, Evan

Tenor Saxophone

Chung, Jyotika

Smidchens, Imants

Van Vliet, Johannes

Baritone Saxophone

Pralle, Sofia

Woodland, Phinneas


Heath, Colin

Hieb, Jonah

Kim, Jordan

Prosch, Tyler

Storm, Chris


Armstrong, Ben

Atwater, Kate

Fleishman, Ben

Olsen, Adam

Smith, Carey


Ratner, Philip


Lord, Matt


Mark, Noah

Spitzer, Aubin


McCarthy-Grant, Sean


Stein, Levi


Garfield Jazz Ensemble 2

Jared Sessink, Director

Alto Saxophone

Aryana, Shireen

Holzman, Ian

Mefford, Ben

Orbeck, Aaron

Siegler, Elan

Tenor Saxophone

Harper, Bryn

Luu, Julien

O’Neil, Rafferty

Baritone Saxophone

Holdcroft, Hudson

Rasnic-Olson, Ada


Gast, Rohin

Gray, Jasper

Johnson, Kieran

Johnson, Tobias

Joseph, TJ

Maurice, Jackie


Dain, Isabel

Goforth, Cornelia

Liffman, Cole

Shack, Etta


Summers, Izzy


Craemer, Charlie

Liu, Giuliano


Beck, Evan

Sampson, Liam


Bauck, Henry

Gelpi, Max


Garfield Jazz Ensemble 3

Mike Sundt, Director 

Alto Saxophone

Bukovec, Zack

Cude, Henry

Johnson, Aaron

Kahlo Walton, Tuuli

Kinskey, Audrey

Laverty, Kincaid

McLaughlin, Mollie

Ng, Chase

Terry, Finn

Tenor Saxophone

Connolly, Flynn

Hansen, Marli

Lippman, Noah

Strickland, Peter

Baritone Saxophone

Lefkowicz, Noah


Clemente, Aragorn

Kubiniec, Charlie

Mazner, Oliver

Powell, Jay


Faraday, James

MacGregor, Felix

McLaughlin, Addie

Shelton, Tyler


Heath, Will


Edwards, Cyrus


Tran, Daniel