2018-2019 Garfield Jazz Auditions

2018-2019 Garfield Jazz Auditions

Sunny days are returning!

Here are dates for 2018-2019 Auditions to keep in mind as you plan your summer…

Students who have never played in a Garfield Jazz Band may select one of the following dates to audition:

11:00am Monday – Aug 13
11:00am Tuesday – Aug 14

Returning Jazz Ensemble musicians will audition on the following dates:

11:00am Wednesday – August 15
11:00am Thursday – August 16
11:00am Friday – August 17

It is advised that not everyone wait until the last day to audition, if at all possible. If that is the only day you can audition, then please come on that day – we just like to spread the auditions out.

What should you expect?

Just show up with your instrument and sign in. Drums, amps and piano will be provided.

You will be required to:

1. Play one or two of the 12 major scales
2. Sight- read music in different styles

You may also:

1. Prepare a piece of your choice to play (this is not mandatory)
2. Improvise (this is not mandatory)

Drummers will be required to:

1. Play Swing and Latin styles at varied tempos
2. Sight-read

More details will be provided as the dates approach.

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