2018-2019 Jazz 1 Placements

2018-2019 Jazz 1 Placements

The students listed below have been selected to participate  in Jazz Band I. They should report to class Wednesday September 5. They will not need their instruments on the first day.

Saxophone Section I:
Evan DeTurk,  Alto I
Avinash Chung, Alto II
Aidan Siemann, Tenor I
Samuel Barnett, Tenor II
Jacob Linden, Baritone

Saxophone Section II:
Sam Gelpi, Alto I
Sophia Josephson, Alto II
Eleanor Dunn, Tenor I
Liam Walsh, Tenor II
Juliette Jones, Tenor II
Jackson Fry, Baritone
Hayden Wainwright, Baritone

Marshall Simon
Zachary Burpee
Alnis Smidchens
Claire Torgelson
Oliver Cauble
Joel Yang
Corinna Singer

John Atwater, I
Tesfa Kirk, II
Aidan Fleet, III
Katherine Atwater, Bass Bone

Connor Zhang, Piano
Nicholas Zemtzov, Piano
Leo Wineicki, Piano
Will Jammes, Bass
Aidan McCleary, Bass
Noah Mark, Drums
Armin Magness, Drums
Tyler Feldman, Guitar
Jack Graves, Guitar

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